chapter XX

× WARNING this chapter contains sensitive topics (x, x, x)

October, 2003

No matter how bad things got for Lucas, coming to down to the vidock never failed to ease his inner tension. It had been abandoned for years before he discovered it one afternoon after a rough day at school, it’s silence calling him, providing him with the serenity he needed. He’d fill the cracks of the tall worn stone with small scraps of paper he’d dot with little figures and toss out his leftover graham crackers to bribe the local geese to keep him company. He could leave his entire sketchbook underneath it’s passageway for a week and come back to it as if nothing would happen, because he was the only one who knew the vidock. It was his place, his special, secret place, at least for a good month or two before Ariana found it.

And quite an arrival that was.

>Lucas:thats ridicoulous.

>Ariana: not really! :>